Eligibility for application to the Elize Hele funding:

Grants in aid are limited to both BOYS and GIRLS born, or resident with the parents for five years, either

  • Within the boundaries of the County Borough of Plymouth as established before April 1st 1967;


  • Within the Parishes of Bere Ferrers, Brixton, Sparkwell, Yealmpton, Plympton St Mary, Plympton St Maurice and Plymstock (now incorporated in the City of Plymouth).


The Elize Hele and John Lanyon Foundations

The origins of the Foundations are to be found in the 17th Century.

ELIZE HELE of Cornwood, by an indenture of Feoffment dated 9th January 1632, retained his estates during his lifetime, and thereafter passed them to four named Trustees to: ‘employ the same on godly, pious and charitable use.’ He died in 1632.  In 1640 the Trustees gave £500.00 and £20.00 per year for the benefit of poor children in the Hospital of the Poor (The Workhouse). This provided for the Foundation of the Hele School in Plymouth.  Initially housed in the Workhouse a separate building was later erected.

JOHN LANYON, Merchant and Freeman of Plymouth was a Councillor from 1664.  He was Mayor in 1673.  He died in 1674.  His Will benefitted the City in many ways including £100.00 and the annual interest on £2000.00 for the Hospital of the Poor.  This legacy provided for the foundation of the Lanyon School.

In the mid 17th Century, during the period of the Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell, a sum of £600.00 was paid to the Borough of Plymouth from the funds of the Hele Charity.  A Deed of Grant of Annuity, dated 7th October 1658, repays this amount at the rate of £30.00 per annum in perpetuity.  This payment is still continuing.

The Hele and Lanyon Schools were later amalgamated.

In 1899, The Royal Commission on Secondary Education merged the powers of the Charity Commissioners in respect of Educational Charities with the Education, Science and Arts Departments into the new Board of Education.  In 1905, the Charity Commissioners issued orders whereby the Hele endowments were applied to form a Charitable Trust – the Hele Foundation, and similarly in 1906 the Lanyon endowments were used to form the Lanyon Foundation.  Both foundations were transferred to the Board of Education in 1912.  Originally the two Foundations operated independently, however, on the 15th April 1957 a Scheme made by the Minister of Education allowed the Trustees to deal with the affairs of both Foundations at the same meetings.  The Funds of each remain separate.  The Charity Commission Scheme of 1957 still governs the Foundations.

Prior to the Scheme of 1957 the Trustees took their responsibilities to the City lightly, simply handing over the sums of 100 guineas (£!05) to the Plymouth Education Committee to dispense with as they saw fit.  Since the introduction of the Scheme, the Trustees find it better to invite applications from those in need and to use their own judgement on an individual basis.

Briefly, the Constitution of the joint Foundations under the scheme of 1957 is:

Trustees: 5 Representative Trustees of which 3 are appointed by the City of Plymouth. Not more than 9 Co-optative Trustees.

Meetings: The Trustees hold ordinary or stated meetings at least twice a year.  There is a quorum when 5 Trustees are present.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected annually on the first meeting each year.  Both are eligible for re-election.


Grants are available to both Boys and Girls resident with parents or guardians for five years within the boundaries of the City of Plymouth or designated parishes and who, in the opinion of the Trustees, are in need of financial assistance.  Grants by both Foundations are to assist towards commencement at all levels of Further or Higher Education.

Funding and Grant Levels: 

The Accounting Year for both Foundations is from April 1st to March 31st.  The primary source of income is received from dividends on Share Unit holdings and interest on Deposit Account.  Both accounts are with the Charity Commission Official Investment Funds.

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